Contract management coursework | Management homework help

1.Firstly you need to read the material and complete the group work. Question 4 “A report including advice on corruption on a worldwide basis; how will Fenn Project Management Inc. contribute to the The Eron Task Foundation Inc..’sstated aim of a zero tolerance policy on corruption as defined by English Bribery and Corruption legislation” is my task. This is a group work ,so  [not to exceed 125 words] for the answer.

2.Then you need to finish the  500 word individual assignment. My role in group work is finish the question 4.Critical and reflective report on the coursework, to cover: Your role and how this might help you develop as a PM; AND The coursework itself and how it might be improved in future years.

3.The standard form we choose is NEC. I put it in the attached document.

4.I present the specific cases and requirements in the attached document “coursework 2023”. You can refer to the handbook to enrich the content.