Conduct research | American history homework help

 and the Cold War that followed The United States was engaged in a struggle around the Globe against the Soviet Union and Communism.

In this assignment, you are to conduct research on the following in names and identify each person and their ties to each other, and explain what role they had during WW2 and the Cold War, and how were they involved in the 32 to 38th Presidents of the United States.

Part One:

William Nelson Cromwell

John Foster Dulles

Allan Welch Dulles

Arthur Hobson Dean

Roy Henry Steyer

Robert MacCrate

Part two

Dean Acheson

George Kennan

John J. McCloy

Charles Bohlen

W. Averell Harriman

Robert A. Lovett

Henry StimsonElihu RootCordell HullJoseph GrewHenry WallaceHarold IckesRobert JacksonHarry Hopkins