Computer engg question answer | Computer Science homework help

Question 1

Explain the difference between data and information. Provide a specific example of each.

Question 2

Explain the purpose of a data warehouse. What are the advantages if a data warehouse

Question 3

Discuss the importance of data security. Provide an example of data security. Explain why a company needs different levels of security.

Question 4

Explain the differences between LAN, PAN and MAN. Provide an example of each

Question 5

Explain the acronym “VoIP”, describe what it is used for in a business and why it was not practical with technology 30 years ago. Describe at least one business application for VoIP.

Question 6

List two pros and two cons of wired networks. Provide a business example of each.

Question 7

What are the three primary Enterprise Systems? Explain the purpose of each.

Question 8

Describe the main purposes of supply chain management systems:

Question 9

Explain the purpose of customer relationship management software. List and elaborate on the three marketing operational CRM technologies mentioned this week.

Question 10


Describe a simple project for your real or fictitious business and create a list of dependencies for that project (at least 4 tasks). Be sure to state why the second and subsequent steps are dependent on the previous step.