Cmgt/445 week 3 learning team: rough draft business case for

Create a draft of your business case for investment, due in Week Four. In week 3 you are to develop the draft of the complete paper for your final deliverable in week 4, but include detailed information on the following topics this week, week 3. (90% of the grade)

  • Prepare an outline of the business case for technology investments.
  • Note sources of accessibility (security) and the different prototyping environments and processes.

Use the topics as the headers for your deliverable this week.

Include at least 3 to 5 references, including the textbook and course materials.

Format (10% of the grade) the paper consistent with APA guidelines, to include and not be limited to a cover page with correct header and page formatting, along with correct citation and reference formats. Additional points to remember, watch the use of vague words like “this” and “it” – be specific with your writing; remember to use spell and grammar checker; ensure the use of commas, no run-on sentence, and avoid contractions; stay away from first person where possible; and finally remember the structure of a paragraph, a minimum of three sentences.