Climate change | Marketing homework help

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Climate Change: Discuss Climate Change as a global issue and present both the positive and negative occurrences and specific actions taken by key countries and organizations over the past few years.  Using relevant and significant examples, comment on how this issue is affecting international trade, consumer goods, and marketing.  Consider both positive and negative perspectives

  • In addition, discuss the impact of this issue on      Canada’s economy and its relationship with the following      countries, if relevant to your topic you can choose – China, the USA or the      UK and Europe.


Investigate at least six current sources related to your chosen topic.

  • Consider the impact on globalization and      the free trade policies that have shaped the world      over the past sixty years. 
  • Consider the role that “nationalism” is      playing and will continue to play.
  • Proper APA 6th Edition referencing is essential. Be      absolutely certain to include a properly formatted list of      references and accurate in-text citations.
  • The paper should be written in your own words and include correct      spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow of thought, clarity of ideas and      creativity.
  • Your paper should be ARIAL, 12 size font, 1.5 line      spacing, and normal margins- around 1000      words.