Cjam m2a1 | Criminal homework help

Communication skills are an important attribute, especially when it comes to practitioners in the Criminal Justice system. Unfortunately there can be barriers to efficient communication. Your textbook outlines nine such barriers.

  1. Preconceived ideas
  2. Denial of contrary information
  3. Use of personalized meanings
  4. Lack of motivation of interest
  5. Noncredibility of the source
  6. Lack of communication skills
  7. Poor organization climate
  8. Use of complex channels
  9. Communication gap

Select the three barriers that you feel are the most deleterious to communication within a criminal justice organization. In what types of scenarios might police officers or correctional workers encounter these barriers? Explain how police or correctional managers and front line personnel can overcome these threats to communication. What types of training are available for organizations and individuals to improve their communication skills?Assignments must be between 300-400 words, in a standard 12 pt font. If citations are used, APA style should be implemented.