chapter 3 | English homework help

In this week’s Seminar, you will discuss the role of the early childhood professional in developing language in infants and toddlers. Before the Seminar, please investigate the online resources found at the end of Chapter 3 of your text to learn more about the resources and research available to early childhood professionals.

Please come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following:


  1. Outline the caregiver’s interactions in sharing books with infants and toddlers. How can you apply this information to your own work with infants and toddlers?
  2. How can you encourage emergent literacy in infants/toddlers?
  3. Identify the benefits of using symbolic gestures with toddlers.
  4. After investigating the online resources in your text, please respond to this question: Is sign language a tool that you might consider using with an infant or toddler? Why or why not?
  5. How might you create positive home-school connections that will foster language development in the children you care for throughout your career?