Cars-to-drive (ctd) is a used car dealership operating in the sydney

Cars-To-Drive (CTD) is a used car dealership operating in the Sydney CBD as a franchise business. They wish to have their customers to be able to view the cars listed for sale online and to track what cars are being sold and what other cars are in stock by each franchisee.


CTD has hired you to design a relational database to better track and record their operational data, according to the business rules listed below:

1.     CTD dealers exist in six different locations around the Sydney area and each location has just one dealer, being the franchisee.

Every location is identified by a location code, location name, street, city, state, postcode and phone number. Similarity, a franchisee is identified by a number, name, contact, etc… 

2.     A franchisee employs between 4 to 8 staff members in each location and one of these employees is the manager who supervises all other staff/employees.

Information about all the employees and the manager in each location is to be kept in the database. 

3.     Each location stores various types of cars, and each type may contain a range of the same type; for example a type is Commodore and a range is Commodore Calais-V, a Commodore Evoke, etc., but each range is of only one type.

Information about all the car type, range, year, and condition in each location is to be kept in the database.

4.     CTD needs to also record the cars that were sold by each franchisee: the type and range, the date sold and the salesperson who sold the car. Accordingly a franchisee may sell many cars of the same type and range.

·         Create an ERD that represents the entities, attributes, the relationships between entities, and the cardinality and optionality of each relationship that are described by this business rule.

·         Clearly show the primary and foreign keys for each entity