Business finance – management individual project assignment

Assignment Instructions:

▪ You need to choose an organization and analyze how it was affected by pandemic-related changes, and how it dealt with these changes—using at least 3 class concepts that we learn in this course.

▪ You can choose any organization (i.e., it can be an organization that was negatively affected by the pandemic or one that saw an increase in the demand for its products/services during the pandemic).

▪ While you may refer to various sources to gather information about the organization of your choice (e.g., news reports, business magazines, organizational reports, organization’s website, etc.), you must provide appropriate citations and links to the sources that you use at the end of the report.

▪ Your report should be 2-5 pages (not more than 5 pages), single-spaced, and must include the following:

Section 1 – A brief note on the industry in which the organization of your choice operates

Section 2 – An introduction to the organization and its main products/services and its primary customer base

Section 3 – Description of how the organization was doing before the Covid-19 pandemic hit and how its

products/services, customer demand, and employees were affected by the pandemic-related changes

Section 4 – How did the organization address challenges or build upon opportunities created by the pandemic?

Section 5 – What are some of the recommendations you can make to the organization going forward into 2023?