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This is a Database Programming course. This course covers advanced topics in databases. It starts by reviewing basic knowledge on databases and ends with advanced database concepts like security.

In this project, you will use the knowledge you acquired throughout the course to build a simple database and query it to extract information from it. You will create tables and relationships among them, in addition to the necessary keys and indexes. The next step will be to populate the database with suitable data. Populating the tables with sufficient and appropriate example data is an important step in testing and validating your design. When your database is ready, you will write SQL queries to retrieve information.

Note: This assignment was created with MySQL in mind. Therefore, dates, numbers, etc. have been set up with that tool in mind.

Upon completion of this project, you will be able to:

  • Write SQL queries to create tables
  • Write SQL queries to create relationships among tables
  • Identify indexes and create them in a database
  • Write queries to extract important information from a database


In this project you will build a database for a public library. This database is aimed to collect and analyze information about the clients’ reading interests. The project concentrates only on books and the clients’ interests in books. The analyses that will result from this project will be used by the library’s management to decide on the future purchasing policy.

A. Write the SQL statements in order to create the tables for the database. Use the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the database shown in Figure 1. For simplicity, we are assuming in this project that a book cannot be written by more than one author. You need to create the tables as well as the required constraints, including the keys (primary and foreign), and the relationships between table.

Use the attach document to complete this assignment.

Immigration and anti-immigrations sentiments and policies in europe

Question: Following the fall of communism in Europe since 1989, discuss how nationalism has restricted immigration and contributed to immigration sentiments and policies in Europe. Are these sentiments prevalent today? How has this challenged the idea of Europe without borders? Additional instructions are included in the document below. 14-16 page (approximately 4000 words

Compute equivalent units | Accounting homework help

1) Compute EQ based on taking 4 classes. Each class requires a term paper. Rather than start ‘1’ and finish, you decided to start all ‘4’ simultaneously. You finished ‘1’, and are 50% completed on paper #2, and 75% completed on papers #3 and #4. What is your EQ for all ‘4’ papers? Or, in other words, how many papers would you have completed if you had started only ‘1’ at a time? Show your work.

Unit 1 db: music from the north and south


Most of the R&B artists were from the South and doo-wop artists were from the North. What elements of each region’s culture and upbringing influenced their music? When responding to at least three of your peers, offer an example of music from R&B and an example of music from doo-wop from this era. Does your musical example agree with what your peers have said in their initial response? How are doo-wop and R&B styles similar or different? Make sure to make formal connections to our readings and materials from this unit. When sharing your musical selections with the class, please use the mashup tool for YouTube.When sharing your musical selections with the class, you may use the mashup tool for YouTube. If you are uncomfortable with that or would like to post a traditional text response, that is acceptable as well. Below are the Mashup direction should you choose to use that option. Using Mashup is NOT mandatory.

Want to change flight with turkish airlines?


If you need to change your Turkish Airlines flight, there are a few options available to you depending on the type of ticket you purchased and the specific circumstances of your travel plans. If you booked your flight directly with Turkish Airlines Change Flight, you can make changes to your itinerary online through the Manage Booking section of the website. You will need to enter your reservation code and last name to access your booking and make changes.

Chatgbt role in data anaylsis

with the introduction of AI in the industry. write a 4 page paper on chat gbt future in data anaysis  industry and how it can help,

1 explain task chat gbt can assit in and task chatgbt cant assit in

2 should  anaysist be concerned about their job and explain why

100 word discussion reply | Business & Finance homework help


Hello class,

AirAsia Group is an example of a company in the airline industry that has been struggling with cash flow issues in recent years. Because of the effect that the COVID-19 epidemic had on the aviation industry, the corporation declared a financial loss of RM 767.43 million (which is equivalent to around 170 million USD).The AirAsia Group has carried out a number of preventative actions. To begin, the corporation has been working to reduce expenses by, among other things, lowering staff pay, renegotiating contracts with vendors, and consolidating business processes. Second, in order to broaden its base of revenue, the corporation has been investigating potential new sources of income, such as the operation of cargo. Third, the corporation has been actively generating capital via a variety of channels, including the issuing of bonds and the sale of assets. Air Asia Group was also successful in obtaining a loan from the government of Malaysia in the amount of RM 300 million. Overall, the way that the AirAsia Group has taken to solve its issues with cash flow has been a mix of cost reduction, expanding into new income streams, and financing. The firm was able to successfully manage the adverse business climate brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic and enhance its cash flow situation as a result of the actions that were taken. However, the aviation industry is still dealing with substantial problems, and it will be essential for businesses such as AirAsia Group to continue to adapt to changing conditions and come up with innovative solutions if they want to continue being profitable and competitive.



Reuters (2020). Malaysia’s AirAsia secures $72 mln loan from Sabah Development Bank. Retrieved from

Salim, S (2021) AirAsia X posts largest quarterly net loss, plans more job cuts. Retrieved from

Schurman, R (2023). AirAsia X continues to recover quarter by quarter. retrieved from

Conflict resolution strategies | Nursing homework help

Create only 3 power point slides. My three slides as part of a group project are on conflict resolution strategies. The case study being used is from here,

Documents. •Sinskey, J. L., Chang, J. M., Shibata, G. S., Infosino, A. J., & Rouine-Rapp, K. (2019). Applying conflict management strategies to the pediatric operating room. Anesthesia & Analgesia, 129(4), 1109–1117.  



Explore conflict management principles and professional integrity through a review of healthcare personnel conflict management review. ·This conflict management assignment allows you to review common conflict scenarios in clinical practice and reflect on appropriate resolution strategies. This gives you a review of an evidence-based approach to training conflict management in healthcare settings. ·Critically access conflict management as it relates to team building in clinical practice. 


•You will reference the conflict case management study from the nursing literature. You will develop a summary and reflection consensus of strategies used to resolve the case review. Support your summary utilizing a minimum of three academically credible sources in addition to the source provided. •Please retrieve and read the following journal article from the Course 

Asthma | MSN5700C | Miami Regional University


Discussion Topic: Soap Note 3 “ASTHMA”  


– The discussion must address the topic

– Rationale must be provided

– Use at least 600 words (no included 1st page or references in the 600 words)

– May use examples from your nursing practice

– Formatted and cited in current APA 7

– Use 3 academic sources, not older than 5 years. Not Websites are allowed.

– Plagiarism is NOT permitted

I have attached the SOAP note template, a sample, and the rubric.

Public administration praxis: legal & contemporary issues | PADM620

Resources Readings:  Dresang, D. L. (2017). The public administration workbook (8th ed.). London, UK: Routledge. ISBN: 9781138682085. 


Read: Dresang: Introduction, Preface – Exercise 1

After carefully reviewing the Read items assigned in this  Module: Week, explain which alternative you would support to address the  issues raised in the Preliminary Problem Analysis for East Wallingford. Be sure to fully explain why this alternative represents the most rational decision.

 The student will post one thread of atleast 400-500 words,  For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 3 scholarly citations in APA format.