Him 301 introduction to health informatics wk1-d1


Chapter 1 of the textbook reviews the evolution of health  informatics. Figure 1-5 on page 15 visually shows the relationships  between various subdomains of health and biomedical informatics.   

  • Choose three of the subdomains and describe each subdomain. 
  • Provide three examples of each subdomain you selected. 
  • Specify for each sub domain example, how an example or application  is utilized in health care. For example, in dental informatics, one  application would be 3D simulations to facilitate patient understanding.  Explain how 3D simulations are utilized.

Initial Post: In addition to the textbook, utilize a minimum of two scholarly  sources to support your points. Cite and reference your sources in APA  format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 

Airshow day 2 probability | Statistics homework help


This discussion introduces you to normal probability via the calculated z-score. A z-score converts a non-standard normal distribution into a standard normal distribution; a standard normal distribution has a mean of zero and standard deviation of one.

Additional z-score properties and details are provided later in the course. For this assignment, what is needed is the capability to calculate a z-score and find its associated probability (see Table A-2 in your textbook). Here is an example:

  • Excel equation: z = (Your Score (X) – Mean)/(Standard Deviation) OR z = (X – Mean)/S.
  • Z-score and probability calculation example:
    • Assume Intelligent Quotient (IQ) scores are normally distributed with a Mean of 100 and Standard Deviation of 15.
    • Assume a friend has an IQ score of 130 (X).
    • The z-score is then calculated: z = (130 – 100)/15 = 30/15 = 2.00.
    • Find Table A-2 in your textbook. The probability (green shaded area) associated with z = 2.00 is p = 0.9772.
    • The probability of another friend scoring “higher” (non-shaded area) than 130 is: p = (1.0000 – 0.9772) = 0.0228 or 2.28%.


Day 2 of the airshow arrives, and the weather is worsening. The temperature is 50oF, and strong thunderstorms are predicted. Continuing intermittent moderate to strong runway crosswinds (25 Knots sustained, with gusts to 40 Knots). Fortunately, all Day 2 flying sorties are accomplished with only minor incidents.

Your team collected these simulated data for Day 2 flying sorties: attached below 

 In Microsoft Excel, complete the “Airshow – US Military Aircraft Performance” table by adding the calculated column and row values for mean, standard deviation, and z-score column values (use Sortie 10 data as the value of “X” in the z-score equation); report your calculated values to two decimal places (i.e., 0.12). For reporting probability, use Table A-2 in your textbook and report the value of p to four decimal places (i.e., 0.1234). 

 Post the image of your spreadsheet into the discussion area along with a narrative of your findings before the fourth day of the module week to receive full credit.  

Project management homework help | Operations Management homework help

On May 21, 1921, Charles Lindbergh landed at Le Bourget Field in Paris, completing his famous transatlantic solo flight.  The preparation period prior to his flight was quite hectic and time was critical, since several other famous pilots of the day were also planning transatlantic flights.  Once Ryan Aircraft was contracted to build the Spirit of St. Louis, it took only a little over 2 ½ months to construct the plane and fly it to New York for the takeoff.  If CPM/PERT had been available to Charles Lindbergh, it no doubt would have been useful in helping him plan this project.  Use your imagination and assume that a CPM/PERT network, as shown in the figure below, with the following estimated activity times, was developed for the flight. 


Assignment:  Determine the expected project duration and variance and the probability of completing the project in 67 days.




Organizational behavior | Management homework help

Why is it important to study organizational behavior?



What special challenges does managing behavior on a global scale pose for organizations?



Please answer each question above with an answer of  at least 300 words!!


As well as use the reading material that I have uploaded below!!!

Project management assignment 2 | Management homework help

Please, find the instructions in the attached “instructions” documet.

Read the instructions before offering to do the work.

APA Style.

Original Work Only.

No Plagirism.

Reference the textbook (attached).

The template mentioned in the instructions is attached. Download it and use it as per the instructions.

The answers to the first 4 questions are directly in the textbook.

Project Management Experts Only

Case analysis | Management homework help

This is case analysis homework i attached the Mystic Monk case please read it cerfully and i attached the case Quastion, please read the case and then do the quastions. I also attached case word document which is the format that i need for the case please do the case same as the format. 




Bus 470- module 3 discussion

  M3 Assignment 1 DiscussionDiscussion Topic Task: Reply to this topic Due February 24 at 11:59 PM

Assignment 1: Discussion Question

The Mexican ceramics folk-art firm signs a contract for the Mexican firm to deliver 1500 pieces of artwork to an Italian firm within the next 120 days. The contract is denominated in pesos. During this time the Mexican peso strengthens against the euro. What is the net profitability effect on the Mexican firm? What international market concept is demonstrated in this example? Discuss the risks associated with changing exchange rates and international commerce and provide a scenario demonstrating these risks.

Emotional intelligence | Management homework help


Today’s business environment requires emotional intelligence (EI) for intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions. As a business professional, it is essential that you apply the principles of EI to positively impact the effectiveness of the organization.

Before completing this task, you will need to take the Global Leadership Foundation’s Emotional Intelligence Test (GEIT) in the Web Links section. You will then use the results of this EI self-assessment as a baseline for improving intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions.


A.  Complete and submit your GEIT results by attaching a PDF or a screenshot of the test results page to your submission.

B.  Apply either the research of Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer or Daniel Goleman to explain two ways you can improve your intrapersonal areas of opportunity, self-awareness, and self-management from your GEIT results.

C.  Describe two EI communication techniques that can improve your interpersonal relationship areas of opportunity, social awareness, and relationship management from the GEIT results.

D.  Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

E.  Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.

I am attaching the GEIT Test results below. Please refer to that.

Essay questions of human resource management

Chapter 3 end essay question:

Note: the submission should be typed and each response should not be longer than one typed page.

1.     Eduardo works at Hanson Engineering Works as a welder. Although he is provided with protective googles and a facemask, overalls or another type of protective clothing is not provided. After three months of works at Hanson, Eduardo notices his skin becoming drier and gradually changing color. Alarmed with this development, he approaches his supervisor asking for details of the materials he works with. The supervisor declines to reveal any kind of information. In this case, can Eduardo file a case against his supervisor? If so, which authority and laws can help him? Elaborate.



Plz answer the question based on Chapter 3.


I need a 5 page essay about art: nude vs naked.

Use quotes and explain them. Base the essay on the pages provided page (Chapter 3, pages 17 to 27 on the PDF). It’s a short chapter of “Ways of seeing” by John Berger.

Emphasize on why Danae by Rembrandt is so fantastic.

Important to put on the essay:
1- What is the thesis of the chapter?
2- Opinion, do you agree or disagree with the author/