Read details | Human Resource Management homework help

A swot analysis of the existing risk management plan (Plan attached)
Examples of techniques (complex documents) that has been developed to generate lists of risks.
Your various techniques must address the following types of risks:
• Financial
• Insurance risks (include Insurance companies)
• Operating
• Environment
(You can do one page for the SWOT and the rest of the seven pages can be for the next task)
2000 words excluding reference

Theater assignment 8-10 pages | Social Science homework help

The course presentation is a more formal research project on a specific theatre topic studied or prominent in the field.  The presentation should be on one of the theatrical topics listed below…or elect to pick a topic of your own (with approval by the instructor).

        • Early Theatre: The Greek City Dionysia Festival
        • Japanese Kabuki Theatre
        • Christopher Marlowe: The Other Elizabethan Playwright
        • Lord Chamberlain’s Men
        • London’s Historic Drury Lane Theatre
        • Tennessee Williams and Society’s Outcasts
        • American Musicals by Stephen Sondheim
        • Theatre in Prisons
        • The Tony Awards
        • Stage Musicals on Film

Areas that could be covered by this presentation include (but are not limited by) the following.

        • a general history of the period, event, playwright, etc.
        • staging and production conventions, if applicable
        • plays and/or other related productions produced
        • audience responses to or involvement in theatre

Unlike other assignments in this course, the presentation is not necessarily a normal written essay (though an enhanced written research project would be acceptable).  Think originality and creativity…that is, graphics, charts, images/videos, Powerpoint/Prezi programs, audio or visual presentations, etc. are all accepted and encouraged.  If created in Word, 8-10 page limit is recommended; if created in Powerpoint/Prezi, 14-16 panels is suggested.  Your presentation can be turned in at any time during the semester, but is due no later than the last week of classes (Sun May 1).  Early submissions are encouraged and will always be accepted.  This presentation is graded according to the Research Project/Presentation Rubric (attached).

Case study 10 | Management homework help

a. Summarize case study 10 into 4-5 paragraphs,

b. Respond to the 3 discussion questions:

    1. Why was it necessary for TOMS to evolve their business model?

    2. Who are TOMS most important stakeholders, and why?

    3. Is the One for One movement business model appropriate for any other businesses?

Rfelaction paper 5 | Nursing homework help

Please see the link below for the value based approach to health care.

Choose one organization in the video(  choose one of these orginzation

1-Marini-Klinik, 2-Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Gothenburg, Sweden) and 3-Boston Children’s Hospital, to write a one page reflection paper.

Include company’s vision and strengths.

Best, APA format

Marketing mix | Human Resource Management homework help

HI5004_2014: Marketing Management Guidelines for Assignment

Words limit 3000

·Choosean organization form the following Industries:

– Health and fitness industry.


· This assignment is in report form with the following heading:

· Segway Inc. (SEGWAY-TWO WHEELS ELECTRIC VEHICLE): it is an innovative products unveiled December3, 2001 Segway produces an innovative product that should have significant market potential. Segway’s lack of vision, a mission, and a marketing strategy have prevented Segway from being successful to date.

– Executive summary

– Clear and concise target market, segments and positioning (includes positioning mapping) followed by the company

– Comments on both Micro and Macro environmental forces affecting the company

– Brief analysis of consumer perceptions and behaviour about the brand/company

– Marketing Mix (brief discussion)

– Your comments or any recommendations

– References Harvard style

· Research at least 3 to 4 academic articles on the topic

International management and leadership db

International Management and leadership db



Censorship, enforced written and unwritten laws, red tape and language hurdles not to mention having and keeping the rights to your own patents and products.


Give examples of 2 U.S companies who may have faced some or all of these issues.


Give examples of 2 U.S companies whose global ventures have gone smoothly.


To what do you attribute these negative and positive results? Country? Multi-national company (MNC) preparedness? Luck of the draw? Support your answers with appropriate theory.




: Provide background on a successful joint venture in one of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China).


 Are the shared joint ventures results different or similar to your findings? To what do you attribute this?

Crm | Marketing homework help

1. Go to Salesforce Trailhead and create an account (if you don’t have one already).

2. Complete the following Salesforce Trailhead Module – Getting to Know Marketing Cloud (3.5 hours)

3. Submit a one-page, 1.5 spaced, (2 page max) summary of what you have learned from these orientation modules (pro tip: write a couple sentences regarding what is covered, then number each module and write a sentence or two regarding what was covered, then conclude with a few sentences of how this could be utilized and/or what you might hope to learn… beyond this orientation)

Resume review | Human Resource Management homework help


Find a mentor, friend, or colleague and ask them to review and provide feedback on the resume 

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of the feedback you received. Discuss how you will incorporate this feedback into a revision of your resume. 


Format the summary consistent with APA paper guidelines. 

Professor christine 8 page doc on conflicts

Conflict Doc

Identify a recent interpersonal, group, or organizational conflict that you were involved in and was later resolved. Select five of the topics listed below and discuss how they apply to your chosen conflict.  You must use a minimum of five resources to help support your discussion of these topics. Be sure to focus on communication techniques that were used during the conflict management process. Argue whether the resolution to this conflict was a “best practices” approach to resolving this conflict.  

Your doc must include an introduction paragraph that provides a high-level overview of your doc. In addition, your doc must include a strong conclusion paragraph that brings together the topics discussed. Remember not to introduce any new topics in your conclusion.

Conflict Topics for the Final  (select five)

  • Why does conflict occur?
  • Conflict management
  • The positive and negative effects of conflict
  • Role of personality types in conflict management
  • Communication techniques
  • Ethics and workplace conflicts
  • Climate in a conflict situation
  • Stress and anger
  • Facework
  • Forgiveness
  • Mediation and arbitration

The Final doc

  • Must be eight double-spaced doc in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the APA checklist (Links to an external site.) in the Writing Center.
  • Must include a title page with the following:
  • Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
  • Must address the topic of the doc with critical thought.
  • Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
  • Must use at least five scholarly resources

Internship & virtual experience discussion prompts:

 1. Based on what you have learned in Module 3, which avenue for  experience have you determined would be most beneficial for your future  career: Internship or a Virtual Experience Program? Tell us about your selected career path and how this type of experience will benefit you?

 post needs to meet length requirement of 150-200 words minimum.