Below is a description of the entire project for the focus of this


Below is a description of the entire project for the focus of this paper we are working on t he design portion of it, but I provided further information to help with the Project design.

Project Design: Analyze the problem that you have identified and explain why the problem is significant- you will design and develop your project solution and then report on it. If you implement your solution, in your report you should include a summary of your implementation and testing. If you are not able to implement your solution, you may develop a model, simulation, prototype, or proof of concept as an alternative to developing a fully implemented project. In this case, in your report you should include a plan for implementation and testing. Your report must provide clear evidence that your project was implemented and tested (or is implementable and testable). This can be achieved by documenting a demonstration of the project in use or documenting an explanation of the model, simulation, or prototype. Consider using video or screenshots to demonstrate and explain your project. If the implemented project is to be supplied to the instructor, you could provide a user manual that explains how to install, configure, and run the software. You are encouraged to submit artifacts of the project such as diagrams, software applications, database designs, and process documents. Make sure to include clear instructions for accessing and using these artifacts. The design and development of your project solution should demonstrate professional-level knowledge and skills. Your project report should include at least one recommendation for future enhancements. Explain what you might add to the project if you had more resources? What risk(s) would you need to consider before the enhancement was implemented at some future point in time? What would first have to happen before the future enhancement was seriously considered? 

attached is my previous assignment