Bangor business school asb 4406: financial analysis

Working alone or in a small group (maximum three), select a non-financial firm listed in the UK and its competitor (i.e., operating in similar industry) that is listed elsewhere in the world. Using both financial and non-financial information from THOMSON ONE BANKER as well as other sources, you are required to prepare a financial analysis report which includes:

1.     A specification of the purpose of the analysis.

2.     A strategic review of the firms examining their core competencies, their industry context, strategic issues and the financial issues which they imply.

3.     An accounting analysis assessing the quality of the financial information provided by the firms.

4.     A profitability analysis using the decomposition framework.

5.     A discussion of the conclusions you have drawn and the answers you can give to financial issues you have identified.


The report must be no more than 2500 words.