Badm370ip5 | BADM370 Quality Management | Colorado Technical University

300-450 words APA 6 format, in-text citation, Use at least  (3) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please provide a copy of all references used. 

** Attached is a sample week 5 assignment for reference and The original assignment you will be adding to. 

Assignment Details: 

  1. Week 5: Roll-Out
    • Describe the process of rolling out this new company-wide quality initiative. Pay specific attention to the logistics and supply chain management functions. Include the following:
    • 1.   A communication plan:
      • -how are you going to communiccate this to the organization? what communication  method will be used? -who is going to do the communication?
      • 2. develope a training plan:  -how are employees goin to be trained?-When will the training be done? – who will do the training?  
      • 3.Stakeholders on board (e.g., the vendor base, trucking companies, warehouse personnel)
      • 4. Conclusion