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Article Review Guidelines

A common misperception in research is that all published articles have merit, and findings should be taken as truth. The reality is that some articles get published despite poorly designed studies and/or erroneous conclusions. Part of your role as a young scientist-practitioner is to learn how to discern when a study is good and what conclusions you can glean from a study. This is especially germane in sports psychology, in which the rigor of empirical research is far behind other fields.

The purpose of these article review assignments is to provide you with some general heuristics to help you critically consume scholarly research. In this course, the three article reviews will build upon one another, with each subsequent review requiring more critical analysis and writing. You will pick a topic area in sports psychology that interests you. All three of your articles will be on your chosen topic, with the goal of the last article review assignment resulting in a brief scholarly research p.aper.

Article Review #3

This assignment will be built upon the previous two article reviews. You will pick a new peer-reviewed article on a similar topic to your previous two article reviews. This assignment will require you to turn in two separate documents.

Document #1: You will write a review for your new article that is identical to what you wrote for the first two article reviews. Please review the video, Statistics and Journal Articles in Research with Literature Reviews) if necessary and integrate any instructor comments from your Article Review #2 feedback.

Document #2: In addition to this review, you will write a 500- to 700-word summary. This is your opportunity to tie it all together.

  • The following video may provide helpful organizational strategies for this pa.per: (My Step by Step Guide to Wr.iting a Resea.rch P.aper)
  • You are strongly encouraged to go through the steps you did for document #2 of Article Review #2 but now addressing these questions incorporating all three articles
    • What were the similarities and key differences across groups (populations) studied?
    • How will this impact the conclusions you can draw as you try to integrate these studies into your final p.aper?
    • What are the similarities and key differences between the methods of the studies?
    • How will this impact the conclusions you draw as you try to integrate these studies into your final pa.per?
    • What are the similarities and key differences in findings across studies?

Remember, you have acquired the skills over the semester; now, put them to use! This assignment is expected to be in APA format and free of typos and grammatical errors. It should read like a res.earch p.aper.


  • The article review should be 300 to 400 words encapsulating all aspects in the grading rubric
  • The summary should be 500 to 700 words encapsulating all aspects in the grading rubric
  • Follow APA guidelines
  • See the assignment rubric below for more details


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