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Follow the format below (no numbers or bullets) in Word document. Each item worth 25 points. You have two attempts at completing this assignment. Provide only examples of the following. This is not a paper. You will only have four responses, do not write more than what is required. You must use APA 7th edition as a resource.

Cite your textbook in APA style as you would list on a reference page of a research paper.

Provide two(2) different examples of an in-text citation as you would use in a research paper. Use your textbook’s author. Use APA style.

Provide an example of an APA citation of an academic journal as you would list on a References page.

Provide an example of a citation for a source you obtained from the Internet as you list on a Reference page.

If you need assistance, review the APA resources available in the Writing Resources area of the course (in the course menu on the left)


  • A word document with the items above. DO NOT NUMBER or use BULLETS for the items in your word document


  • Check anything APA, at Purdue Online Writing Lab, or check the Writing Resources Area of this course.
  • APA is always double space, no more no less.