Access issues in the u.s.


Discussion: Access Issues in the U.S. ~ Inequalities in Attaining Higher Ed

Please read the following articles, AND listen to the clips found under the Week 12 Content folder (including the PPT presentation). Then answer the questions below…

Why is college in America so expensive?

Why American colleges are becoming a force for inequality

In recent years, even high earners can’t afford college (review of link below includes watching mini-video clip):…

1. Which element(s) did you find most bothersome as far as American colleges as a force for inequality and why?

2. Which solution has the most potential in resolving the issue, if any? Support your stance. If you don‘t like any of the strategies proposed, share why and/or suggest something that might work in making universities more affordable and/or equal in their admissions.

3. Who can afford higher education in the U.S.? Are the strategies suggested for paying for college practical? Why or why not?

4. What does the state of access to higher ed in the U.S. say about American cultural ideals, values and norms with regards to education, as well as an individual, one‘s class, privilege and power?

5. The audio clips gave you a taste of how different the interplay is between individuals and society in other countries as far as support for the family. How did you find yourself reacting to how institutions/organizations support equal opportunity compared to that in the U.S.? What did you gather as far as the impact access to education, healthcare and other opportunities can have on one‘s life course?

6. Based on these clips, what would you like to see done similarly in the U.S. in supporting individuals and families, if anything thing at all? Explain your position.

7. Can the „American Dream“ be realized given the challenges to accessing higher education? Is it an international fallacy, a reputation with no legs to stand on? Support your view.