A minimum of 1,000 words(total assignment) and threescholarly


A minimum of 1,000 words(total assignment) and threescholarly sources. The references does not count towards the word count!!

If you ONLY do the minimum word count, then it is considered “average” work, which is a “C”; therefore, it is best to make sure you cover the topics well and not just do enough to meet the minimum number of words.

Question 1

Evidence exists that random police patrol has little or no effect upon crime. This might imply that merely driving around a jurisdiction is a waste of resources. What are the arguments counter to this position?

Question 2

There are several occupations for which emergency standby are an accepted part of the role. Examples include firefighting, emergency medical assistance (ambulance crews), and the U.S. Coast Guard. The issue appears to be problematic only for policing. Why?

Question 3

The problematic nature of police interaction with persons in a mental health crisis concerns every responsible police administrator. Widely replicated by other agencies is a model developed by Memphis (Tennessee) Police Department. The shorthand description has come to be the “Memphis model”. Using library resources, locate descriptive information regarding the Memphis model (it is widely available) and write a synopsis of its characteristics.

Question 4.

It is suggested that the current status of police research parallels the status of research in chemistry prior to Mendeleev’s decoding of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Explain.