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Discussion – Week 11

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Discussion: Systems Perspective and Social Change

As a social worker, when you address the needs of an individual client, you must also take into account the systems with which the client interacts. Obtaining information about these systems helps you better assess your client’s situation. These systems may provide support to the client, or they may contribute to the client’s presenting problem. Consider the example of a workplace; a client may get great satisfaction and sense of purpose from a career but the interpersonal relationships at the workplace itself are toxic. This system could be contributing both positively and negatively to the client’s well-being.

For this Discussion, you examine the systems perspective and its relevance and application to practice, in light of all you have learned about human behavior and the social environment.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning      Resources on the systems perspective.
  • Access the Social Work      Case Studies media and navigate to Lester.
  • As you explore      Lester’s case, consider the systems with which Lester interacts. Think      about ways you might apply a systems perspective to his case. Also      consider the significance of the systems perspective for social work in      general.

By Day 02/09/2022

Post an explanation of how multiple systems within the social environment interact to impact individuals across the life span. Use Lester’s case as an example. Then explain how you as a social worker might apply a systems perspective to your work with Lester. Finally, explain how you might apply a systems perspective to social work practice in general.

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Required Readings

Zastrow, C. H., & Kirst-Ashman, K. K. (2019). Understanding human behavior and the social environment (11th ed.). Cengage Learning.

  • Review Chapter 1,      “Introduction to Human Behavior and the Social Environment” (pp.      1–44)

Wickrama, K. A. S., O’Neal, C. W., & Lee, T. K. (2020). Aging together in enduring couple relationships: A life course systems perspective. Journal of Family Theory and Review, 12(2), 238–263. https://doi.org/10.1111/jftr.12369

Required Media

Walden University, LLC. (2021). Social work case studies [Interactive media]. https://class.waldenu.edu

Follow Rubric

Initial Posting: Content

14.85 (49.5%) – 16.5 (55%)

Initial posting thoroughly responds to all parts of the Discussion prompt. Posting demonstrates excellent understanding of the material presented in the Learning Resources, as well as ability to apply the material. Posting demonstrates exemplary critical thinking and reflection, as well as analysis of the weekly Learning Resources. Specific and relevant examples and evidence from at least two of the Learning Resources and other scholarly sources are used to substantiate the argument or viewpoint.

Readability of Postings

5.4 (18%) – 6 (20%)

Initial and response posts are clear and coherent. Few if any (less than 2) writing errors are made. Student writes with exemplary grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation to convey their message.