5-1: module five assignment one assignment


In this assignment, you will look at Loden’s Wheel of Diversity factors and identify the pertinent information that frequently impacts interactions throughout the criminal justice system, specifically in relation to policing, courts, and corrections.


In Modules Three and Four, you examined Loden’s Wheel of Diversity, which portrays the lens through which people process information and the assumptions it can lead to about others. These assumptions drive our own behaviors and can ultimately have a negative (or sometimes positive) impact on others. The wheel consists of five “Diversity Dimensions”: Personality, Internal, External, Organizational, and Era. Each dimension contains its own set of attributes or factors. While some factors are out of our control (e.g., internal dimension), others may change over time and are the basis for our decision making. Being able to identify these unique characteristics along with the specific dimension can help you gain a better understanding of the factors that influence our behaviors as well as the impact they have on interactions within the criminal justice system. This will also assist you as you consider individual biases in Project Two, which you will complete in Module Seven.

In this assignment, include the following:

Prevalent Factors

First, review Loden’s Wheel of Diversity.

  • Identify at least five factors you think would be most prevalent in influencing interactions within the criminal justice system.
    • Take careful note of which dimension each factor belongs to in order to determine whether or not it is within our control.

Identify Quotes: Sharanda Jones Case

Now that you have predicted which factors you think would be the most prevalent, you will need to identify quotes that provide evidence of each factor.

  • First, read the Sharanda Jones case and the supporting materials/resources associated with this case.
  • Next, using the Milestone Two Table Template document provided, identify at least three quotes (or specific information) from the case that connect to your identified Loden’s Wheel factors.

Additional Factors

Look over Loden’s Wheel again. What additional factors might influence interactions within the criminal justice system?

  • Identify at least three additional factors. Do not use the same factors you already identified.

Identify Quotes: Sharanda Jones/Other

  • Identify quotes from the Sharanda Jones case or other course resources that connect to each of the Loden’s Wheel factors you identified.
    • Note: You should have at least one quote (or specific information) to support each prevalent and additional factor you identified.


Finally, consider the factors you chose and the quotes (or specific information) you found to support each factor. In one to two paragraphs, consider the following:

  • How easily did the quotes (or information) you found align to the factors you initially predicted?
  • Was it more difficult to find examples for certain factors? Why or why not?
  • Did you find multiple examples for any factors (even if you didn’t include those examples in your table)?
  • Why do you think it might have been easier to find examples for certain factors?

Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:

  1. Identify factors most prevalent in influencing interactions within the criminal justice system.
  2. Identify additional factors that might influence interactions within the criminal justice system.
  3. Identify quotes or specific information that connect to all Loden’s Wheel factors you identified.
  4. Reflect on the connection between the factors and the quotes or information you found.

Guidelines for Submission:

This assignment must be completed using the Table Template Word document. All references should be cited in APA format. (For more information on APA style, review the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide.) Your reflection should be included in the same document in the reflection section.