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Part 1

(*Note – this is similar to parts of Assignment 5, and you use the same information/response here


One cannot talk about the Middle East without commenting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

i. Read the Israeli-Palestinian Point-Counter point in your textbook (pages 368-369, hardcover).  

If you still do not have a copy of the textbook, then read: 

Point-counterpoint on the Middle East


Israel-Palestine From Both Sides of the Mirror

ii. You may also read 
Israel-Gaza violence: The conflict explained

Question 1 (min. 200 words):

Does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict still drive Geopolitical issues in the Middle East? Why/Why not?

Part 2

When was the last time you heard about 
ISIS in the news?
Chances are you may have heard about the tensions between the United States and Iran as well as regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  But more recently, the Middle East appeared to be on a path of reconciliation between two major rivalries.

Read at least two (2) of the articles below:

The Rivalry Behind Three Wars – How Saudi Arabia and Iran Fueled Conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen   

Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore relations | News | Al Jazeera

As Israel battles Hamas, all eyes are on Hezbollah, the wild card on its northern border | AP News

Question 2 (min. 200 words):

Does the rise of new regional players like UAE (e.g. 
Palm Jumeirah) and Qatar (e.g. 
Al Jazeera) have any chance to reshape Sunni-Shiite divide and the prospects of Israel-Palestinian peace in the Middle East? Why/Why not?