Social security in the us


Policy Analysis

Assignment Overview

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will analyze the federal policy you chose to address your social justice issue, including providing background of the development of the policy and evaluating its effectiveness and feasibility. Remember that the feasibility of a policy relates not only to its economic feasibility, but also to its political and social impact. You will also identify the policy constraints that inhibit the policy from most effectively reaching your targeted population.

Continue to consult, the Government Accountability Office, public policy analysis research and reports, and other peer-reviewed research to support your analysis. Also, use the NASW Code of Ethics Web page to guide your analysis.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment:

  1. Analyze the development of your chosen federal policy.
    • Analyze the historical background that led to the development of the policy.
    • Define the goals of the policy and how these goals are intended to be met, including services and programs intended to achieve the goals.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the policy with respect to the target population.
    • Consider how well the policy has met the needs of your target population and to what extent it improves the social justice problem you initially researched. Does the policy seem to ignore, impede, or strengthen the social functioning of the target population?
    • To what extent does the policy meet or improve the social values of the target population?
    • To what extent does the policy adhere to best practice ethics and best practice standards?
    • If the outcome of your analysis is that best practice ethics and standards are not being adhered to, include that information in your analysis as well.
  3. Evaluate the feasibility of the policy.
    • Is the policy politically, economically, and administratively feasible? Provide details and rationale.
  4. Identify the policy constraints that inhibit the policy from fully addressing the problem for the chosen population. Have other constraints arisen since the passage of the policy that have made conditions worse or better for the chosen population?


  • Support your claims and recommendation with clear rationale and support from scholarly, peer-reviewed literature.
  • Refer to the scoring guide that will be used to grade your work, before completing this assignment.
  • Reference feedback you received from the previous assignment to improve the quality of your submission. Further feedback from this project component will help you improve your work for the final Federal Policy Analysis and Recommendations course project.