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This is a Database Programming course. This course covers advanced topics in databases. It starts by reviewing basic knowledge on databases and ends with advanced database concepts like security.

In this project, you will use the knowledge you acquired throughout the course to build a simple database and query it to extract information from it. You will create tables and relationships among them, in addition to the necessary keys and indexes. The next step will be to populate the database with suitable data. Populating the tables with sufficient and appropriate example data is an important step in testing and validating your design. When your database is ready, you will write SQL queries to retrieve information.

Note: This assignment was created with MySQL in mind. Therefore, dates, numbers, etc. have been set up with that tool in mind.

Upon completion of this project, you will be able to:

  • Write SQL queries to create tables
  • Write SQL queries to create relationships among tables
  • Identify indexes and create them in a database
  • Write queries to extract important information from a database


In this project you will build a database for a public library. This database is aimed to collect and analyze information about the clients’ reading interests. The project concentrates only on books and the clients’ interests in books. The analyses that will result from this project will be used by the library’s management to decide on the future purchasing policy.

A. Write the SQL statements in order to create the tables for the database. Use the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the database shown in Figure 1. For simplicity, we are assuming in this project that a book cannot be written by more than one author. You need to create the tables as well as the required constraints, including the keys (primary and foreign), and the relationships between table.

Use the attach document to complete this assignment.