Language development study: storytime/group time observation

Location Name


Age of child(ren) in Group

# of Children Present in Group:


Complete URL of video link (including as much identifying information 

as you can glean from the video.

Book Title/Author/Illustrator

 Remember to be detailed and objective in your responses.  You may use this form to write out your documentation on this form as long as you delete the information written in blue.

 Criteria used in selection of book (Be very specific).

You may get clues from the teachers introduction of the book, the room display, posted lesson plans, or you may have to ask the teacher after the experience.

 Summary of book presented.

Use your own word to summarize the book.

Describe the illustrations (i.e. bright, bold colors; soft, muted colors; watercolor, collage, etc.).

 Describe evidence of children’s interest in the story.

What did you observe during the story time? Use quotations and detail.

 Describe verbal/non-verbal reactions of the children to the story.

Identify concepts that may be strengthened through this book.

This would be an educated guess, a logical connection.

Identify social interactions, specific phrases or other components of the story that were of special interest to the children.

Write out the exact phrase(s) here.

Describe any indications that the children identified with the characters, setting, or actions in the story.

Describe how the children were transitioned after the story was completed. 

What did you feel could have been done differently, if anything. Defend your response.

This is your opinion. ☺

Locate a goal and objective in NC FELD that addresses the experience.

Write it out here and justify your response.