Internship experience | Marketing homework help

 **5 pages minimum**


P2:roles, duties, responsibility 
-aid in designing website 
-brand repositioning 
-social media calendrers, planning, etc
-design graphics 
-assist with any and all marketing a communication tasks that the general manager had to do
-identify ways to improve the business marketing efforts, customer retention, awareness, and sales
-presentations for board members 

P3:things I learned, skills I picked up
-learned things about non profits 
-learned more about social media analytics, how to decipher them, etc.
-enhanced designed skills
-people are everything
-theres always something new to learn 
-opened me up more creatively and analytically 
-better time management 
-some about brand ambassador
(This is just to name a few, can add more transferable skills)

P4:things I would’ve liked to learn
-UX Design
-more about the non profit arena 
-more digital marketing 
-brand deals and brand ambassadors 
(Can add more regarding non profit and more simple ish things regarding integrated marketing communications)

P5: conclusion-things I want to learn moving forward towards my career path and why 
-programming /scripting language 
-paid advertising 
-data analytics 
-Adobe Site Catalyst 
-google big query
-omni channel agency planning/buying experience 
-conflict management 
(Anything that can help advance me in my career field of Integrated marketing communications)

Job possibilities 
Data Scientist 
Marketing Manager 
Director of a Non Profit 
Digital and Social media marketing 
Content Marketing
UX Design
Director of Branding/Brand Strategy 
Film Marketing 
Tap into the entertainment industry via music or film being a publicist, social media manager (other related careers)

*don’t have to use what I wrote. I was just stuck…