Health care post | Science homework help

The assignment instructions are listed below. The assignment must be original and timely and not borrowed from any tutoring sites. The assignment bid is $10 and the due date is 1Apr.

Blog Post 

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the opportunity to review an area of interest within an epidemic in health care. This assignment entails the review of one peer-reviewed or scholarly article of your choosing in a blog format. The completed assignment should include the following components. 

  • Provide a summary of the article, and explain the epidemic and why this is an important issue. 
  • Discuss which health care providers are involved in the issue and what each provider’s role is in treating the epidemic. 
    • Do the providers have specific guidelines to follow? 
    • Do these providers have past experience in treating epidemic illnesses? 
  • Develop three questions about which this article makes your think or that would provoke discussion. 
  • Include the reference for your chosen article, which must be peer-reviewed or scholarly, and include a link to the article within the reference. 

Your blog post must be at least 500 words in length. Remember that the blog should be in a conversational format. Be sure to explain any technical terms, as this would be for the whole community to view, including those unfamiliar with your chosen topic.