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Assume the role of the chief operations strategist for a multi-specialty health care organization. You have determined that the organization could benefit from creating a workforce management strategy for the purpose of optimizing staffing levels. With worsening staffing shortages in critical areas such as nursing and primary care physicians, there is a concern that staffing shortages will result in higher labor costs across the healthcare spectrum. This could pose a significant challenge to the goal of balancing costs, quality, and access to care.


Prepare an “executive summary and a strategic plan” regarding current evidence-based quality improvements and make recommendations to integrate evidence-based practices into the quality improvement initiatives. The summary should include the following information:

  1. Differentiate between evidence-based practice and quality improvement processes.
  2. Summarize common threats to quality and patient safety initiatives and the role of quality improvement processes that can neutralize these threats.
  3. Develop a strategic plan based on a quality improvement model to address patient safety.

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