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Here are the details of the entire assignment.  Please only submit the name of your partner and your written component here.

Movement/Exercise Analysis Assignment: LOWER EXTREMITY PARTNER ASSIGNMENT

INTRODUCTION: The analysis of movement is critical in developing programs and making exercise selections for clients and athletes.  The ability to look at an athlete/client and evaluate what is seen and make decisions to progress or modify is critical.  Students will conduct a skills analysis and then perform a demonstration with teaching/coaching and cues for one of the below selected lower extremity exercises. 

  1. Observing the athlete/client performing a movement.
  2. Analyzing the effectiveness of the execution of the movement.
  3. Detecting and correcting errors to improve the client/athlete’s future performance but also to prevent injury.  

DIRECTIONS:  This is a partner assignment.  Please identify one classmate who agrees to work on this with you.  You DO NOT need to both select the same exercise.  If you have selected the same exercise/movement, please note:  Each partner will submit their own unique demonstration video.  Each student will also prepare their own unique “coaching tips and cues.”

For this Lower Extremity Assignment, you must include:

  1. Tip(s) on core stabilization/midline
  2. Always include foot/ankle position, postural alignment for the entire body. For example, where should the athlete/client focus their eyes.  
  3. Incorporate a breathing cue.
  4. Include any/all considerations for injury prevention, when would you “Not” choose this exercise. Who is this exercise ideal for? 
  5. What is your progression? Rep scheme/sets?  How do you make decisions on execution of this movement?

You are the “TEACHER!”

You MUST choose from one of the below exercises:

  1. Squat (any form, barbell back squat, front squat, ball squat, goblet squat, air squat, plie, pistol)
  2. Lunge (forward, backward, static/standing)
  3. Dead Lift (any form)


To analyze any movement/performance effectively you need to plan what to observe and how to observe it. Many students observe professional level videos from YouTube etc.  Please make sure you share who the professional and/or cite your video reference for a source.  Discuss your analysis with a partner and collaborate and provide each other with helpful feedback on each other’s project.  (10 points) Please add the name of the partner who you worked with on your written submission. 


Analyze the exercise based on phases and then create a “script” of to coach this movement/exercise. This is to be typed and prepared and submitted. (20 Points)  

STEP THREE: VIDEO SUBMISSION Submit an audio/visual presentation -remember your choice-audio with ppt. or video upload. Minimum time is 5’ for the presentation and please do not exceed 8’.  (20 points) 

  • Divide a skill into meaningful phases and identify the following:
  • Joints/Joint Action: Hip, Pelvis, Knee, Foot/Ankle
  • Type(s) of contractions: Isometric, Concentric, Eccentric
  • Range of motion
  • Muscles involved and targeted, accessory muscles
  1. Identify the purpose or goal of the movement. Explain to the class what is the intended result? How is it measured or evaluated? Is the measure subjective or objective?
  2. Breakdown of the Skill- separate the skill into phases when you explain it in your presentation.
  3. Determine the Mechanical Factors affecting performance: What will determine the success of this movement?
  4. Describe body position
  5. Are the parameters for flexibility? What may hinder or help with this movement?  
  6. Sequencing – Make sure as you coach and explain you identify the correct order