Entr605 u5ip | ENTR605 Integrated Marketing for Entrepreneurs | Colorado Technical University

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Deliverable Length: No more than 2,000 words


Key Assignment Final Draft

Part 1 Tasks: (Objectives from Weeks 1–4)

Based on the work that you have done this term, write the following sections for your venture’s business plan:

  • Expanded Market Environment (Phase 1 IP) 
  • Marketing Mix (Phase 2 IP and DB) 
  • Digital Marketing Plan (Phase 3 IP and DB) 
  • Social Media Strategy (Phase 1 DB and Phase 3 DB) 

Review your Key Assignment and make any revisions that you feel are pertinent based on the feedback you received from your instructor and your peers.

Part 2 Tasks: (Objective(s) from Week 5)

Revisit your business plan, and refine it for your venture. Add nuance where you have discovered it, clarify points, and make the document more consistent. Make sure that your financial statement and budgets reflect the changes that you have made to your plan. You should take time to adjust the tone of your writing and to add appropriate charts, graphs, and other visual aids to your completed sections.