Lab sim project installing and configuring windows server

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Now you will be doing,  1.0 Introduction, there are three sub sections: 1.1 Windows as a Server, 1.2 Windows Server 2008 R2 Interface Overview, and 1.3 Windows Server 2012 Interface OverviewWithin these sub sections, there are one or more activities that you will have to complete. These activities could be in the form of an online video for you to watch, a fact-sheet for you to read, a simulation lab for you to do, or exam questions for you to answer.


And later you will be completing all the labs, 1.0 Due this JUNE 15th



You are strongly encouraged to complete ALL activities within each of the sections each topic. If you are unsuccessful in completing the Lab Simulation, you can re-do it until you get perfect score. Keep in mind, though, that reviewing the materials before each simulation is likely to result in a more immediate higher score, both in the lab simulation and in the exam questions (see below).


Website to access the LAB is


I will be providing you the login details personally.


1.0 Introduction