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Instituting Productivity and Quality Standards for Imaging or Scanning Records

You are the new imaging supervisor. The previous supervisor recently retired after 35 years of service to the hospital. The facility has had the imaging system only for the past six months.

The scanners are responsible for prepping the medical record as well as the actual scanning. They do not index, nor do they conduct quality checks. If the quality control clerks find more than one to two pages in a chart that need to be rescanned, the chart is returned to the scanners for rework.

The first thing that you noticed is the significant backlog of charts to be scanned. You learn that the previous supervisor did not want to create productivity standards until the system had been used for at least a year. The scanners do not even turn in a report of their work each day. It is going to take some time to develop the appropriate productivity standards. In the meantime, you plan to have the scanners report their productivity each day.

1. Use form design principles to develop the productivity report required.

2. What would you recommend to get the scanners caught up in their work?

3. How will you establish productivity standards?