I have to finish writing an english project but i have to get a lot

I have to finish writing an english project but I have to get a lot of other things done today!
I have finished the first two paragraphs. I just need three more.

Phoenix Jackson was probably born before the Civil War and was probably a slave. She has known hard work and fear that surrounded the slaves’ daily lives. The food they had was grown in small gardens attached to the shacks provided by the slave owners. She was expected to work in the cotton fields from sunrise to sunset along with her family. Phoenix was uneducated because slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write, in fear they would rise up against their masters. She raised her children in poverty and hopelessness yet she was a proud woman.

When Phoenix walks the long path from her house to town, she has to overcome the fear of being injured, of animals attacking her and because of her age, the toll it takes on her. Along the way, a dog startles her and she falls into a ditch which she cannot get out of until a hunter comes along and helps her out. A nickel drops out of his pocket and falls to the ground. He seems not to notice so Phoenix
Distracts him and picks the nickel up and puts it in her pocket. When he turns back to her, he aims the gun at her and yet she is not afraid. He does not mention the nickel and although she knows that stealing is wrong, she keeps it. She is not afraid of the gun or the hunter because she has faced many situations like this in her past.

Imagine that you are a reporter who is writing a biographical article about Phoenix in Eudora Welty’s “A Worn Path.” You are writing about Phoenix when she is a young woman raising her children. Write a 600 word (two-page) account, or biography, of Phoenix’s life of a young woman. What experiences did she have? What events shaped her? What is she doing? What kind person is she? Using the information in Eudora Welty’s story as a basis, create the character of Phoenix as a young woman. As you think about this project, you may want to consider Phoenix’s beliefs, family, and way of speaking. Be creative!

Part B will be worth fifty points. Your grade will be based on the following criteria:
Points Possible Points Earned
Does your reader get a clear idea of what Phoenix is like as a young woman? 10points
Do you relate your character to the events in “A Worn Path” in some way? 10points
Do you make some mention of the influence of religion and children on Phoenix? 10points
Do you use complete sentences and correct punctuation?10 points
Is your essay free of spelling and grammatical errors? 10 points