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It is an interesting and reckless idea to inter the world of jobs without a degree but a skill. I would never take such risk and attend a non-college program because it depends on talent and hard working and also I do not see my self in such fields. Family and friends also may not support such ideas since life now depends on having an income from a stable job. However I may attend a non-college program for fun and gaining more knowledge. Edx.com is a good example of that. they offer free classes, without digrees, from around the world provided by the largest universities such as Harvard and others.


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It is very important today to gain as many skills as possible to survive in the work market. There are more applicants than ever before for one single job. Because of this, for catching the employers attention, people have to do extra courses and gain more knowledges, licenses or diplomas. I personally did something similar before. I did a couple weeks of sports science/coaching class in an independent organization for which I had to pay, just because I am interested in this topic and it helped me to improve my coaching skills. My parents not just support me doing things like this; they even want me to make do this. I gained important skills in this class, which are even helping me in college now. So I barely suggest everyone to attend non-college programs.

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I respect your point of view Mohammed but I disagree with some of them. I agree that the boot camps could be a jumpstart in your career because they focuses in skills to feed the momentary needs of the market. Still, I have second thoughts about if they can provide enough skills to survive and grow in a competitive market over the years. Since they last for a few months, the boot camps cannot replace all the knowledge acquired in a full college degree. I would consider take both if it is possible because they can complement each other. However, If it is not possible to participate of both, I would definitely choose the college degree.