End of term reflection paper

Please write about my experiences in class which includes; 

There were nots of Video on child abuse, foster care, field trip to find on child detected abuse, listening to a video on father who abuse their children and intern student talk in class.

Please follow the directions below and do all that apply.

For this final brief writing assignment, I would like you to reflect on the knowledge and insight you’ve gained throughout this course and discuss the extent to which it has affected you personally and/or professionally.  In your discussion, include a response to the following specific questions: (but also feel free to include any additional thoughts or feelings about the issues that are most relevant to you).

How has the information discussed in this course affected your view on being a child welfare worker?

What concerns would you have about going into child protective work? Is there a way to prepare yourself to overcome these concerns?

Reflect on your personal traits — what qualities do you feel you have that would be helpful in protective services? In what areas might you have difficulty?

Whether you pursue professional involvement in the field of child abuse and neglect or not, what is something you can do to help prevent or address child maltreatment?

Your response paper should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced.  Please complete it in a Word document and submit it .