Cultures and spiritual beliefs | Nursing homework help

Diverse cultures and spiritual beliefs have different views on dying. From a global perspective, developed and undeveloped countries may experience death differently because of resources and communication. For example, Opioids for pain control may not be available in underdeveloped nations. Or some patients may not be able to express their needs.What is your understanding of the relationship between cultural values, beliefs, and practices and the death expectations of members of different sub-cultural and ethnic groups?

  1. Answer the question below:
    • What are your insights relating to death, dying, grief and loss?
  2. Then, interview a classmate, friend or family member question. Ask the following questions:
    • What are your philosophical beliefs, cultural practices, and traditions about death and bereavement?
    • If they are immigrants, how are aspects of American culture and the family’s native culture represented?
  3. Discuss both your answer and their responses together.
  4. Write a summary of the discussion:
    • What were the similarities and differences between you and your classmate, friend or family member. (Include examples)
    • Which are characteristics of the individual family, and which reflect cultural values?