Any female familiar with voki? has to be english speaking female .

Watching The Elevator Pitch Career Spots video (3:25 minutes) 

  • Next, create a  23 to 30 second (80 to 90 words, 8 to 10 sentences) elevator speech tailored toward your chosen career path, and be sure to:
    • use short powerful sentence
    • eliminate unnecessary words
    • make sure your speech flows smoothly
    • memorize key points
    • practice
  • Utilize one of the following voice recording options to hear your elevator speech and share it with your instructor: 
  • Once you have completed your recording, copy and paste the link of your recording into a word document, and submit your word document to the classroom drop box.
    • If you are having trouble recording your elevator speech, please contact your instructor.

Example Elevator Speech

Hi, my name is John and I am a student at Ashford University completing my Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. I received the student teacher of the year award at Chapin High in May. Ten of the students I tutored were able to increase their math scores on their TAKS tests by multiple points. I can provide strong teamwork and a strong work ethic to staff at No Excuses Elementary School. Thank you so for your time today and I look forward to talking with you again soon.