Anthropology paper about south east asia

Anthropology 312: South East Asia

Article review assignment


For this assignment you need to choose an article on some part of Southeast Asia from an anthropology journal.  Journals like American Anthropologist or American Ethnologist can be found  in the library at GN1 or online through the library website.  Your paper should be 4-5 pages double spaced and consist of a brief review as well as some analysis/comparison.  How does this article compare to some of the materials we have read and/or discussed in class?  Does it reinforce various ideas or contradict them?  Anything new or important?  Do you recognize anything in the theoretical or methodological approach of the anthropologist? 


things we talked about in class:

– Kenship systems in sout east asia

-Women roles in society 

-contrast between life in the city and village for people in SE asia