10 chapter reflections/summaries | Education homework help

DISCLAIMER: The book is digital so I’ll have to email you pictures of each Chapter of the book. Pictures will be clear and able to read.



Read each chapter and write a reflection on each. 


ü  A one paragraph summary about the reading. What was the reading about? Summarize.

ü  One paragraph discussing your reaction to the readings.  Do you agree? disagree? explain

ü  One paragraph discussing how the readings relate to your current teaching setting. How do you see the readings relating to your teaching/teaching philosophy/teaching setting, etc..

ü  One paragraph where you relate the reading to this course: EDTE 232. How does what you read relate to in-class lectures and activities.

ü  Conclusion paragraph- pose questions, make suggestions, summarize and conclude.


ü  Your paper must be typed and be double-spaced, 12 point font and completed on time following the APA style.  Each entry will be no more than one page long.  You will submit your Weekly Chapter Reflection on the assigned dates on Moodle BEFORE class and will be prepared to also bring a hard copy to class in order to discuss your reflection with the whole group.