Csc316 database systems questions | Computer Science homework help

Questions: Answer each question in at least 5 sentences.



1)     Why use databases? Isn’t Excel enough?


2)     What makes databases special?


3)      What problems do databases try to address?


4)     Why is a relational database an excellent way to represent and store data? 


5)     What happens if the database is poorly designed?


6)     What are the advantages and disadvantages of the relational model? 


7)     Explain why the entity relationship (ER) model is useful. 


8)     How has the entity relationship (ER) model helped to produce a more structured relational database design environment?


9)     Discuss the relationship between data redundancy and normalization.


10)  What are the consequences if databases are not normalized?


11)  What problems is normalization addressing?


12)  Why is normalization crucial for effective database design and development?


13)  Explain what SQL is and its functions.


14)  What do you enjoy the most about learning SQL?


15)  What you find the most difficult?