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Essay 4

Proposing a Solution


Introduction:  This is the second of two linked essays about a problem related to social or environmental sustainability.   You will research and propose a solution to the problem you identified in Essay 3.   

 (Essay 3 was identfying a problem essay. It was about OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM. So you will write solution about OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM.)


AND YOU NEED TO FOLLOW “SCORING RUBRIC”  (scoring rubric is below)


Your proposal will do the following:

·      Show how it will address the problem

·      Show how the solution will be implemented, including cost

·      Show it is better than other solutions

·      Persuade the reader that this is a good solution.

Your solution may be the best one you could find in your research or it may be one that you have made up.


Directions:  Part of the essay has been done:  you have identified a problem and shown why it needs to be addressed.  You will summarize the material from that essay as background for researching possible solutions. 


The next step is to research what is being done about your problem. Note any claims promoters of solutions may make about their effectiveness and requirements for implementation.

How effective are the solutions?   How well do they address the problem, how will they benefit the group affected by the problem, what needs to be done to implement the solutions, and how feasible they are.  


Finally, you will propose your solution.  Be persuasive.  Promote your solution with facts, as persuasive writing.  You should use at least one persuasive device (logos, pathos, ethos) when you propose your solution.  Use lively, active language.


You must use at least four reliable sources and cite them in your essay.  You may use sources from Essay 3.








Your solution is the best possible solution for the problem



Is clearly described (what it is, who is affected, why it’s a problem)

0- 10 


Describe how what it is and how it will address the problem 

0 – 15

Solution Plan

Describe how the solution will be implemented, including the cost

0 – 10

Solution vs others

Persuade why your solution is better than others.  You will need to describe in detail at least one other solution and how it addresses the problem.

0 – 25


Will summarize the problem and solution and make a final pitch for the solution

0 – 10

Rhetorical devices

Use at least one rhetorical device to persuade the reader this is an important problem and that your solution is the best one available

0 – 10


Use at least four  credible, reliable sources – these may be recycled from earlier essays.

0 – 5 pts/each

Work Cited List

All sources should be completely and correctly cited, using the MLA format

0 – 5


Correct in-text citation

0 – 5



0 – 10



0 – 10

Language use


0 – 10


1 point off /each error

0 – 20








Does not meet C

Meets C standard

Exceeds C paper


0 – 4points

5 – 7 points

8 – 10points


0 – 10 points

States the problem; does not summarize or include other solutions. Vague reference to solution.


Gets reader’s attention; uses at least one rhetorical device;

Identifies the problem


Uses compelling introductory device to get reader attention;  Rhetorical device is clearly worded and employs active voice.  


0 – 10 points

11-15 points

16-20 points


0 – 20 points

Identifies the solution; flat statement about the solution.


Identify the solution, judges it, and shows its relationship to the problem .

Solution is better (or not)because & cites reasons


0 – 4 points

5 – 7 points

8 – 10points


0-10 points

Problem is identified; no supporting details from a researched citation.

Problem is clearly established; who is affected, why it’s a problem.  Supporting detail includes one researched citation.

Uses at least one specific detail to establish the connection between the solution and the problem.

Reminds reader not only who is affected, but why this group is important; 2+ specific researched details illuminating the problem or consequences.   


0 – 7 points

8 – 12 points

13-15 points

Propose a solution 0 – 15 points

Flat statement of how solution will address problem

Does not include affected group



How it should address the problem or fix it. At least one verifiable statistic or examples or  detail.


Shows how affected group will benefit(or not)

Provides several specific examples/statistics/details how solution will address the problem.

Clear use of logos and/or ethos in addition to giving

 specific examples/evidence of how the affected group will benefit(or not)




0 – 4 points

5 – 7 points

8 – 10points

Solution Plan 10 points

Plan does not describe how it will be implemented

Describes process of implementation, including getting audience buy-in

Clearly explains implementation, cost,  materials, and assesses how likely it will be to get buy-in


0 – 10 points

11 – 15 points

16 – 20 points

Your solution is better

No comparison with other solutions;

Unsupported statement that the proposed solution is superior.

Solid assertion that proposed solution is superior and supported with one specific detail from comparison with other solutions

Solid assertion is supported with two or more specific details; more points for cited researched information.


0 – 4 points

5 – 7 points

8 – 10 points


0 – 10 points

Flat summary of problem, solution, and whether is it acceptable or not.

Brings up a new subject.

Summarizes proposed solution and the main point of the comparison with other solutions. Makes a final pitch for proposed solution.   

Refers to topics/ device brought up in the intro; indicates the degree of challenge the problem poses and how the solution can address it. Final appeal includes one of the rhetorical appeals.

Writer uses at least one rhetorical appeal to audience

0 -10 point

No rhetorical appeal

one rhetorical appeal

 two or more rhetorical appeals


0 – 2

3 – 5

5/correct source


1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

Source is inappropriate or not correctly formatted.

Correctly uses  at one credible, reliable source

Correctly uses two or more credible, reliable sources

Work Cited List

More than three errors in work cited list

No more than three errors in work cited list

No errors in work cited list

Citations 0 – 5 points

Does not cite all appropriate details

Correctly cites all appropriate details

Correctly cites all appropriately detail




Does not meet “C”


0 – 5 points

Meets “C” Standard


(6-8 points)

Exceeds “C” Standard


(9 – 10 points)



One or two topic sentences missing;

Paragraphs lack unity

Clearly stated topic sentences;

Paragraphs clearly related to thesis

Topic sentences are specifically worded and link thesis and all supporting material



Paragraph not related to topic;

Organization does not follow a clear pattern;

Abrupt changes;

Paragraphs arranged in logical order;

Ideas follow logical development

Employs transitions when necessary

Transitions move ideas clearly throughout essay;

Ideas build on each other to emphasize thesis

Word Choice/Diction


Wording is vague;

Words are confused with other meanings

Grammatical conventions are infracted;

Uses second person prn;

Uses appropriate pronouns;

Avoids redundant wording;

Uses words correctly

Avoids slang and worn out cliches

Writer’s voice is clear and authoritative;

Employs specific words; employs active voice and specific verbs;

Wording is concise