Data flow diagrams | Computer Science homework help

In Week 1, you discussed the systems requirements. In Week 2, you discussed the design plan. In Week 3, you created the required elicitation techniques. In Week 4, you defined use cases in text format and UML format. This week, you will continue working on the solution you have envisioned so far. The work that will be added this week will increment the information you have produced so far, complementing it in a coherent manner.



Using the Microsoft Word document “Use Cases” , add to it by including the following:


  • A context diagram
  • A set of level-0 data flow diagrams
  • A set of level-1 data flow diagrams
  • Diagrams that adhere to UML specifications
  • An ER model that is consistent with the material you will turn in this week (The data stores and data flows in the DFDs should be consistent with the data model. The ER diagram should not show entities that are not present in the DFDs and shouldshow all data stores [that accommodate all the data flows] shown in the DFDs.)
  • An ER diagram that adheres to UML specifications


Support your responses with appropriate research and examples.


Cite any sources in APA format.