Art paper attn kim woods (due 24 sep 14 by 6 pm eastern time





imagine that you have been asked to write a profile of an architect for Architectural Digest.

Choose an architect from your course readings on whom to write your profile. You may also choose to profile an architect that was not mentioned in your course readings.

Write a 550- to 700-word profile of your chosen architect that includes the following:

  • Brief biographical information
  • Cultural and/or artistic influences
  • A survey, and discussion, of their architectural works or designs
  • Information about their style of architecture and their philosophy or theory of design
  • An appraisal of their impact on architecture and the built environment

Reference at least two sources. One of your sources must be a scholarly source and one of your sources must be a popular source. Note: If you use the Internet to find additional sources, you should only access credible and reliable Internet sites such as those affiliated with a museum, educational institution, or arts organization, for example. You should not use sites like Wikipedia,,, or blogs, for example.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Be prepared to share your architect profile with the class.