Security governance | Computer Science homework help


Write a paper discussing the following:

  • What is the purpose of Security Convergence. 
  • What are some of the key approached organization use to acheive Security Convergence
  • Briefly described a real-life project you researched where security convergence was achieved realizing at least three of the benefits below:
  • Significantly lower costs
  • Use existing servers to make the decisions. 
  • Use existing IT infrastructure (switches, cables, UPS systems) to keep the system running. 
  • Use existing IT redundancy and backup to protect in case of failures. 
  • Let the IT department protect valuable data and keep out cyber-intruders. 
  • Merge physical access (doors) and logical access (computers) into a single system. 
  • Let security worry about the “who, when, and where.” Let IT handle moving the data.
  • Take away remote databases not managed by IT, and reduce the ability of hackers to penetrate the access system and use it as a gateway to the rest of the IT system. 
  • Save significant hardware money tp spend on other security measures


  • Assignment Format: APA format
  • Submission Format: MS Word
  • Length: 6  pages (not including cover & references pages)
  • Citations Required: minimum 5 citations (At least 2 Scholarly and 3 from other reliable sources)