Reflective and reflexive practice/ personal and cultural values (500w)

A.  Study the article “Promoting Reflection in Professional Courses: The challenges of context” in the link provided below and discuss the following: (150w)

  1. What is Boud’s and Walker’s theoretical stand on reflective practice?
  2. What are the “misconceptions” mentioned in the article?
  3. What is the basic argument made? Discuss.

B.  Select one of the theorists discussed in the material for this week and provide your opinion and ideas behind their arguments and approaches. For example, why did you choose the specific one? Why does he inspire you?  See attached on application (150 w)

C.  Discuss the importance of having personal and cultural values and answer the questions(See Personal and cultural values attached): (100 w)  

  1. What is the best way for me as an educator to transfer the school’s values to my students? 
  2. How can I make my students understand the importance of having personal and cultural values?

D. Answer the question do one’s values reflect one’s culture’s values by discussing your own experience. Use the two links provided below. (100w)