Program design for the second part of your capstone project, you


Program Design

For the second part of your capstone project, you will design the specific interventions for your proposed program.

  • Proposed Intervention, Purpose and Objectives (one page)

Identify and describe at least three interventions for your program  and the purpose and objective of each intervention (This part of your  paper relates to the Unit 4 Discussion).

  • Application of Research or Theoretical Perspective Guiding the Intervention Proposed (one page)

In this section, you will address how the research and your theoretical perspective matches with the program interventions.

  • Identify and describe at least one theoretical perspective that  guides the intervention you have chosen for your program. Explain this  theoretical perspective from our research, your rationale for choosing  it, and how the interventions support this theoretical perspective.
  • Correcting the Problem from a micro, mezzo and/or macro perspective (one page).

Analyze and apply how the program addresses or corrects the problem  from the micro, mezzo and/or macro systems. (This part is related to the  Unit 5 Discussion.)

  • Funding the Intervention (half page)

Explain how the program will be funded, including who will fund it,  how it will be funded and any obstacles to funding. Describe in as much  detail as possible, supported by research, the components of the funding  and business plan.

  • Plan for Implementation: timelines, phases and projected actual results/outcomes (half page)

Identify the timeline for implementing the program design, including the phases of program development.

Last, describe at least three projected results and outcomes of your  program. (The Funding and Plan for Intervention parts relate to the Unit  6 Discussion)

The Unit 6 Assignment must be a minimum of 4 pages (excluding title  and reference page), utilizing at least 4 scholarly academic references.