wk 4 – signature assignment: financial performance calculations

Complete the Financial Performance Calculations worksheet. 


1. There are a total of 13 problems (WORTH = 130 POINTS) and 1 Financial Performance Summary (WORTH 70 POINTS).

2. Again, each problem is worth 10 points for a total of 130 points for all the Excel exercises. The section on the Financial Performance Summary is worth 70 points.

3. Based on the calculations of the financial ratios, write a BRIEF summary on the financial position of Hillside Inc. This is worth 70 points. Use the following link to read how to write this summary:

How to use financial ratios to write financial performance  (I have uploaded the attachments to assist you)

4. Note that you need to make an adjustment on the Excel cell so that as you type into the box or cell the content remains inside the box. Follow the instructions below: How to wrap text in Excel