Sia1: beyond meat/impossible foods | Economics homework help


As an aside – My personal belief is that concepts and theories are of little value to each us if we do not learn to apply them to the real world. For this reason, we will have applied activities as often as possible.  We are always learning together, myself included.  Please feel free to call or email me if you want to discuss further.

This SIA assignment requires you apply a concept or theory we have learned to a subject that is current in the ‘real’ world. The assigned topic for Application Assignment 1 is:  Beyond Meat/Impossible Foods.

In Chapter 1, we examined the overall view of strategy and the role of the CEO, Board of Directors and other corporate leaders.  In Chapter 2, we learned about the tools available to evaluate a company’s position, both internally and externally. 

Your assignment:  Select either Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods and evaluate their position using the Porter’s Five Forces Model.  Document and discuss this analysis in depth and include at least 5 outside references with at least 2 pages of content.  Next prepare a one page recommendation for the board of directors of the company you selected.  Put these together in one document for a total of three pages (not including reference and title page). 

*Remember, this is your ability to show off what you have learned as well as your ability to apply it to a real world situation.