Performance based assessment | Education homework help


Participants will submit a detailed performance-based assessment on content that you teach during the school year.  The performance assessment MUST focus on one central concept and it is essential to include multiple intelligences and accommodations for special needs students.  When selecting appropriate accommodations, consider which students will have the greatest challenge with the assignment based on their area of need. In addition, a detailed performance assessment rubric(s) will accompany the assessment that clearly identifies the standard(s) being assessed.

Highlight the skills being learned by the targeted grade level.  The inclusion of performance-based learning must be clearly demonstrated by explaining one portion of a lesson (you may choose a warm-up activity or an active learning opportunity which may be individual, small group, or whole group) and meaningful, non-textbook-based homework.

* Rubric for the Individual Performance Assessment:

  • Inclusion of Performance-Based Learning.  Engaging Activity, requires students to demonstrate the performance of a task.  (10 points)
  • Development of a well-planned performance-based assessment.  (12 points)
  • PBAs rubric is detailed and aligned to an identifiable standard. (4 points)