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I will provide you with all the resources that you need to use so please just use them no outside resources PLEASE.

 read this it’s important 🙁There is not specific pages, just try to answer questions and try to understand what is required from the questions. And please please be specific with your answer. For example, don’t explain something not required from the questions. Because my teacher doesn’t like go away from the topic, she wants us understand the question and answer it correctly. 

And I would like something from you 

When you answer the question 

Please highlight every points that you explain it. 

For example: ( there are four components for the marketing max, you need to explain it, for these four questions I would like you to highlight each single question by different color, to help me recognize where you explain the answer) ):

Assignmet requirements: 

Go to the McDonalds website:   Explain how McDonalds uses the marketing mix (aka the 4 Ps).  In your discussion: 1) list each of the 4 Ps, 2) give an example of how McDonalds uses each element of the marketing mix, 3) describe who you think their targeted customer (i.e., target market) is for each example, and 4) the strategy they employ to satisfy the needs and wants of the customer in the example you gave. 

Be sure to use appropriate course concepts and terminology in your answer.